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Film for Her by Orion Carloto

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Carloto's poetry sits perfectly with her 35mm photographs to capture the very moment when you know it's all right, as in the poem "5 p.m. In My Brooklyn Apartment." Carloto describes moving from Atlanta to Brooklyn and knowing she's in the place that holds a stability greater than the people she meets. "My neighborhood, on the other hand, is something I haven't given up on. It's exactly what I wanted." The book is a perfect companion to Lana Del Rey's new book, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. In addition, the poem "For Camo" winks at Patti Smith with the line "we were just kids."

With both pen and camera lens, Orion Carloto captures the dreamlike beauty of memory.

Film for Her is a story book of people, places, and memories captured on film. Through photographs, poetry, prose, and a short story, Orion Carloto invites readers to remember the forgotten and reach into the past, find comfort in the present, and make sense of the intangible future. Film photography isn’t just eye candy; it’s timeless and romantic—the ideal complement to Carloto’s writing. In Film for Her, much like a visual diary, word and image are intertwined in a book perfect for both gift and self-purchase.

Number of Pages: 192
Dimensions: 159 x 237 x 25mm