Empire Is Now Offering Free Separated Shipments

We are eternally dedicated to our loyal customers and completely devoted to uncovering all the holes in the services and products we are offering so that we can better ourselves for you.

One of the issues our customers have raised to us is that they don't like paying a second shipping fee when the books in their order arrives in separate shipments because the shipping cost is quite expensive for others. We completely hear you and will now grant a Free shipping cost on the second shipment in a separated order.

If you order 4 books and then the 2 books have arrived first, and the remaining 2 books arrives later in a separate shipment, only 1 shipping fee will be collected. We will be covering the cost for the second shipment 

In order words, no matter how many shipments are dispatched on your single order, no additional fee will be collected. 

We hope this will be able to benefit you. Thank you!