(EBOOK) Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Real by Charli D'Amelio

(EBOOK) Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Real by Charli D'Amelio

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New York Times bestseller!
The Official Guide from TikTok Superstar Charli D’Amelio
“By the 16-year-old herself . . . all about social media, influencers, and body image. —Cosmopolitan

Everyone knows Charli D’Amelio as the only TikTok personality to have—at age 16—surpassed 100 million followers. But who’s the girl behind the posts? For the first time ever, Charli is ready to share the intimate details of her life:
  • How she navigated challenges and stayed positive in the face of cyberbullying
  • Who she was as a little girl
  • What family means to her
  • How to navigate your social media presence and IRL friendships in order to develop a strong and confident identity
  • Family and relationships
  • Giving back
  • And much more!

Dancing, Halloween costumes, her sister Dixie, books and reading, everything that Charli loves is here. And you’ll love her more as you read about her, her childhood, and her rise as a social media superstar.

Charli writes, “I practically lived at the dance studio as a kid, but I did it because it was fun. I only recently set up my first private studio at home. I didn’t have much of a social life early on, because if anyone asked me to do anything other than dance, I’d be like . . . no thanks.” Whether it’s about dancing or her friends or family, you’ll find what Charli has to write as fun and smart as Charli!

Packed with Charli trivia, exclusive photos, real talk from Charli, and writing prompts, this book is your go-to resource for all things Charli and is the only official book by your favorite teen role model and icon: Charli D’Amelio.

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