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Little scratch: A Novel by Rebecca Watson

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Structurally audacious and written with an understated power, Watson’s debut novel recounts the minutiae of an ordinary day from the point of view of a woman living with the legacy of sexual abuse. 

Shortlisted for the Desmond Elliot Prize 2021

little scratch tells the story of a day in the life of an unnamed woman, living in a lower-case world of demarcated fridge shelves and office politics; clock-watching and WhatsApp notifications.

In a voice that is fiercely wry, touchingly delicate and increasingly neurotic, the protagonist relays what it takes to get through the quotidian detail of that single trajectory - from morning to night - while processing recent sexual violence.

little scratch is about the coexistence of monotony with our waking, intelligent lives. It is a powerful evocation of how the external and internal aspects of our lives exist in a helix, and what it means to live out the course of a single day consumed by trauma.

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Number of pages: 224 
Dimensions: 216 x 153 x 15 mm