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Mordew by Alex Pheby

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Perfect for fans of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast and Andrew Caldecott’s Rotherweird, Mordew – which tells the story of one extraordinary slum-child’s rise to challenge the god-devouring might of The Master in a world of sorcery and sinister intrigue - is original fantasy at its finest and most deeply strange.

God is dead, his corpse hidden in the catacombs beneath Mordew.

In the slums of the sea-battered city a young boy called Nathan Treeves lives with his parents, eking out a meagre existence by picking treasures from the Living Mud and the half-formed, short-lived creatures it spawns. Until one day his desperate mother sells him to the mysterious Master of Mordew.

The Master derives his magical power from feeding on the corpse of God. But Nathan, despite his fear and lowly station, has his own strength – and it is greater than the Master has ever known. Great enough to destroy everything the Master has built. If only Nathan can discover how to use it.

So it is that the Master begins to scheme against him – and Nathan has to fight his way through the betrayals, secrets, and vendettas of the city where God was murdered, and darkness reigns…

Welcome to Mordew – the first in a monumental new trilogy form the Wellcome Book Prize-shortlisted author Alex Pheby. 

Number of pages: 700 
Dimensions: 198 x 129 mm