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Persona 5, Vol. 7 : 7 by Hisato Murasaki

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Based on the popular video game, this manga's phantom thieves will steal your heart!

After being arrested and having to transfer to a new high school in Tokyo, Akira Kurusu is given the goal of rehabilitation and awakened to a new power-the power of one's true self, a Persona. Using his Persona and the mysterious navigation app Mementos, Akira and his friends take on the role of Phantom Thieves, saving people from the twisted desires of those around them.

The Phantom Thieves are celebrating successfully reforming mob boss Kaneshiro when they're suddenly called out by the international hacker group Medjed! Caught off guard, Akira is further confused when he receives a mysterious message from a person claiming to have knowledge of Medjed, who offers the Phantom Thieves a special deal to help them out with their predicament...

Number of pages: 200 
Dimensions: 191 x 127 x 15 mm