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Sensor by Junji Ito

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(Available after September 14, 2021)

The great Manga horror master unleashes another spine-chilling extravaganza as a mysterious village is subjected to unidentified flying objects raining down on it, presaging deadly atrocities to come.

Horror master Junji Ito explores a new frontier with a grand cosmic horror tale in which a mysterious woman has her way with the world!

A woman walks alone at the foot of Mount Sengoku. A man appears, saying he's been waiting for her, and invites her to a nearby village. Surprisingly, the village is covered in hairlike volcanic glass fibers, and all of it shines a bright gold.

At night, when the villagers perform their custom of gazing up at the starry sky, countless unidentified flying objects come raining down on them-the opening act for the terror about to occur!

Number of pages: 240 
Dimensions: 210 x 146 x 18 mm