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The Butterfly House by Katrine Engberg

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"Solve the case" is a line that crops up halfway through The Butterfly House. That's the goal of Nordic noir, and Engberg sticks to the genre tradition faithfully. The language is direct. The case is simple enough: find the killer who is dumping bodies into fountains of Copenhagen. Engberg brings us precariously close to each of the suspects. Detective Jeppe Korner has more at stake than simply finding the killer. Excellent pacing keeps us riveted and our pulse increases until the sound of our pumping heart startles us. The notion of our fragile existence hangs on every page.

Detectives Jeppe Kørner and Anette Werner race to solve a series of sordid murders linked to some of the most vulnerable patients in a Danish hospital in this sequel to the #1 international bestseller The Tenant that is “brimming with personality, eccentric characters, and plenty of mystery and intrigue” (Crime by the Book).

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing. But in the coronary care unit at one of Copenhagen’s leading medical centers, a nurse fills a syringe with an overdose of heart medication and stealthily enters the room of an older male patient.

Six days earlier, a paperboy on his route in central Copenhagen stumbles upon a macabre find: the naked body of a dead woman, lying in a fountain with arms marked with small incisions. Cause of death? Exsanguination—the draining of all the blood in her body.

Copenhagen investigator Jeppe Kørner, recovering from a painful divorce and in the throes of a new relationship, takes on the case. His partner, Anette Werner, now on maternity leave after an unexpected pregnancy, is restless at home with a demanding newborn and an equally demanding husband. While Jeppe pounds the streets looking for answers, Anette decides to do a little freelance sleuthing. But operating on her own exposes her to dangers she can’t even begin to fathom.

As the “thrillingly nerve-racking” (Shelf Awareness) investigation ventures into dark corners, it uncovers the shockingly depraved greed that festers beneath the surface of caregiving institutions—and what Jeppe and Anette discover will turn their blood as cold as ice...

Number of pages: 352

Dimensions: 196 x 126 x 26 mm