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The Edelweiss Pirates by Dirk Reinhardt

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Based on an astonishing true story of bravery and rebellion, Reinhardt recounts the dangerous exploits of a group of teenage anti-Nazis in Hitler’s Germany and how they fought to bring down a horrific regime.

When sixteen-year-old Daniel befriends Josef Gerlach, he feels the old man is haunted by a secret from his past. Sure enough when Josef gives him his teenage diary to read, Daniel discovers a shocking story of rebellion and struggle.

The diary tells how Josef left the Hitler Youth for a gang called The Edelweiss Pirates. Their uniform: long hair and cool clothes. Their motto: freedom!

At first the Pirates are only interested in hanging out and having a good time, but as the situation in Nazi Germany gets worse, they start to plan dangerous missions against Hitler's regime. Soon they are fighting for their lives.

Number of pages: 288 
Dimensions: 198 x 129 mm