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The Last Second Chance by Lucy Score

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"You were made for me."


"Shut up, Jax."


There are two things Joey Greer is great at: Raising horses and holding grudges. Eight years ago, her high school sweetheart abandoned her, skipped out on his family, and fled to Hollywood of all places. She vowed never to forgive or forget.


Now big-shot screenwriter Jackson Pierce is back in Blue Moon demanding another chance. No place is safe from him. Not the stables. Not the only bar in town. Not even the clawfoot tub on her own deck.


No matter how good it feels when he sneaks past her defenses to land a kiss or a compliment, she is determined to pretend he doesn't exist. Except maybe when he's naked in her bed.


Jax can't tell Joey the truth about the night he left. It would ruin far more than just their relationship. All he can do is sweep her off her reluctant feet with orgasms, flowers, bacon, and a rescue dog. Oh, and maybe handcuff himself to her for charity too.


The Beautification Committee has a few tricks up its devious sleeve where Jax and Joey are concerned. Tricks that will either leave the past in the past or ensure these two lovebirds can never be in the same room again.

Number of pages: 428

Dimensions: 203 x 127 x 24 mm