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The Reckoning by Mary L Trump

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The author of Too Much and Never Enough delivers an unflinching reflection on the legacy of the Trump administration and the work that lies ahead to reverse its effects on the American psyche.

The Reckoning examines America's national trauma, rooted in its long history of slavery and civil rights abuses, but dramatically exacerbated by the impact of recent events and the Trump administration's corrupt and immoral policies.

America's failure to acknowledge this trauma, let alone root it out, has allowed it to metastasize. Whether it manifests itself in rising levels of rage and hatred, or hopelessness and apathy, the stress of living in a country many no longer recognize has affected everyone. America is suffering from PTSD - a new leader alone cannot fix it.

An enormous amount of healing must be done to rebuild faith in America's leadership and hope for the nation. It starts with The Reckoning.

Number of pages: 208 
Dimensions: 240 x 165 x 24 mm